Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ducks in Paris

I was missing one of my ducks in a row for my visa appointment Tuesday. Also I used paperclips to hold together my 3 passport photos (a big no-no) thereby creating a ding that would make them useless. Another re-do.
But when you weigh things up Paris is worth all the fuss and bother isn't it?
In New York I never saw a pair of ducks while enroute to the pool at 7:45 am.

I never crossed bridges daily many times over and such beautiful bridges at that.
There are 36 public pools in Paris and I've dipped into at least 12 of them.
In New York I couldn't read about the best lemon tart at 5:30 in the morning..
Then rush over post-pool to taste MOF Arnaud Larher's winning tartelette at 93, rue de Seine 75007
For breakfast! Miam/YUM!!
At Larher they didn't know why there'd been such a run on their lemon tarts recently till I showed them the story. Aren't these fun and witty? Easter Sunday (chocolate) eggs with faux toast points or is it soldiers..?
I've been passing this hairdresser on the way to the pool most days meaning to get a much-needed haircut.
Admiring this Frenchie cut. Post-depressing visa appointment I waltzed  in and Monsieur Claude
Did his best to make me look like the 20-something in the window/vitrine. Please note I've slept on it here...
Only in Paris can you grab a shot of a red ballerina shoe at a stop light. And later notice she's got stars tattooed on her foot!?
Yesterday Jeff (who draws everyday when he's in Paris) came by to draw the view out my window. He said I should be drawing it too.
This morning I gave it a whirl, the first of many future efforts I hope..
Why not go the 'full monty' and do a watercolor while I'm at it?
I've yet to draw/paint the Eiffel Tower.
Maybe a future sketch letter to-be?
The Monthly Sketch letters make it possible for me to stay in Paris (along with the visa office...ahem :).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Visa Day

Tick tock.
Today is the day of the 'postponement' appointment for my visa.
Ta Da.
A torrent of papers is required.
Nothing gives me more aggita then organizing pieces of paper .
AND they are mostly in another's all Greek to moi ;((
You do it please.
Calm isn't in my repertoire.
Will I be waiting for 5-6 hours?
Qui sait ???
Will I get to wear Teal
This summer like my ex-L.L.?
And ride a pink scooter?
I hope...
Everything will not be coming up cherry blossoms.
Padam Padam Padam...
NO, Bear didn't get it.
He forgot to wear his bowtie.
We have a postponement end of month with positive assurances provided we find the missing paper, get it translated and remember to dot our i's and....
DO NOT use a paperclip on your 3 required photos.
You will have to redo them.
It makes a dent on the photo.
5 hours ispent n the visa office = nogood.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Le Vieux Belleville

Next thing I hear, "I'm taking you there Friday April 11".
"Oh sure. Look if you asked me to jump off a bridge into the Seine, I probably would".
Coco has good taste.
She wrote back,"Wear a bathing suit!"
This week I am reminded,
"Don't forget we're going to Le Vieux Belleville Friday.
Come by at 6:30".
Ooopla...I plumb forgot but why not...
First Coco took me for a tour around her house in the 20th arrondissement near Place Edith Piaf.
It's known as "la compagna a Paris" or the country of Paris.
More like a little village in the Cottswalds with French trimmings.
Really you can not be led astray if you follow Coco.
We met up with Coco's friend Georges at the very top of Paris above parc Belleville - stunning views.
I wasn't sure if we were going to dance or sing
Inside Le Vieux Belleville.
12, rue des Envierges 75020
In fact it's one of the two last restaurant musette with live sing-alongs of old traditional French songs in Paris.
The owner/patron and staff immortalized.
It reminded me of old Jean Gabin movies
There are tons of them in Youtube.
If he walked through the door I wouldn't be the least surprised.
Old photo of the Le Vieux Belleville's facade.
Our starter - a salade mixed

Then the accordéoniste MINELLE came out
For each song we got photocopies for the sing-along.
Then they were collected and we got the next song.

All printed out in French but with a few Edith Piaf songs the whole world knows.
Padam Padam Padam...Even I could mumble through that one.
Really a very jolly evening and not just for Frenchies.
5***** from Travel Advisor. Do consider going for something completely different and loads of fun.
Poor Willis, the cat, stayed home and guarded his new little friend.